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US Trade Advisor

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US Trade Advisor (USTA) was created for the global trade business community.  It is a proven and in-depth International Trade legal, regulation and policy resource.  It was founded by Randolph Stayin, an International Trade expert known around the world for over 30 years, due to his success in resolving complex trade matters for individuals, corporations, trade associations and major industries.


Trade Expertise: USTA's areas of expertise include international business development and international business conduct, trade policy and trade regulation, antidumping, subsidies, market disruption, trade disputes and negotiations, trade injury, tariffs, valuation and country-of-origin, customs and export compliance issues, and patent and trademark protection, among others.


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If your product, your company, your trade association or your industry is faced with international trade issues or trade policy questions or concerns, US Trade Advisor is a smart move toward gaining control, stopping injury and successfully meeting the challenge.

We are strong and proven players in the world of International Trade.  We work as individual experts on specific issues and, as needed, as a balanced strategic team that matches your requirements and achieves your objectives.